Posted on: October 13, 2011 3:04 pm

CBS And Employees Are Liars

I've been playing Fantasy sports for a long time and much of it on CBS Sportsline. I've had some good years and bad, but have never had so more problems with a league or with CBS than this football season. Here's how it all started:

I put in a trade offer of DeAngelo Williams, Tim Hightower (back when he was the undisputed starter) and Kellen Winslow for Mendenhall, Brandon Lloyd, and Aaron Hernandez (when he was first hurt). It was accepted on a Friday and, according to the rules, was supposed to be on a 1 day voting period and pushed through on Sunday morning. To my happiness, there were only 2 objections by Sunday morning and I expected to get those players. Funny thing is, the voting period was still not over, and the players were not on my team. By the end of Sunday 4 more people vetoed. So the rules were complete BS. Next, a so called commissioner was supposed to rule on the pending trade but it was still in pending status the following Thursday! I sent an inquiry in to CBS and they promptly vetoed the trade, the lazy, easy move to make.

Disappointed, I tried another trade. I offered Philip Rivers & DeAngelo Williams for Roethlisberger & SJax. It was accepted, yup you guessed it- on a Friday. There were only 2 objections by Saturday evening and the extra day of voting left us with 4 total objections by the morons in my league. I sent in an inquiry as to why they allow an extra day of voting for trades accepted on Friday, and, of course they didn't answer my question, only said they don't push trades through on Sundays. More BS.

Later they told me to put a reason why the trade is fair in the comment section for the commissioner to rule on it. I would love to know why a knowledgeable fantasy commissioner needs us to put in a reason why a trade is fair- shouldn't they be able to tell on their own? I then started to remember how many trades I had go up to review by commissioners in the past and realized- they NEVER allowed one! Only vetoes! This proves there is no commissioner- it's all automated! CBS collects our $$$ and walks away! What a rip off.

I then sent an inquiry which had all the fair reasoning for the trade behind it and asked them to submit it to the so called commissioner, which they said they'd do. The trade was later vetoed. Of course.

More back and forth between myself & CBS led to Jonah J. finally admitting that the trade was not "collusion so it should get approved. Perhaps, the commissioners overlooked this trade the first time around but I can assure you that this trade will go through even if the league vetoes down the trade again." And I quote. So he admitted the commissioner made a mistake and should have let it through the first time, then assured me that it would go through if accepted again, even if my lame league objects. I take that as CBS employee admitting fault. That means they screwed up. I should have Roethlisberger and SJax on my team for this upcoming weekend, but I don't. When I told them they should a) push the trade through since they admitted wrongdoing or b) refund my league dues, they refused both.

This all makes CBS THE WORST FANTASY SPORTS OUTLET AND A COMPLETE RIPOFF! This is borderline fraud and I will be checking into that very soon. Thanks CBS for making my Fantasy Sports experience total garbage and I will never be making that mistake again.

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